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Bridging Service and Marketing Effectively with HubSpot's Service Hub 

Companies always promise stellar customer service, without always actually providing it. 

Today's customers want prompt, more human responses. Your company can easily bridge this gap with HubSpot's Service Hub.

You've worked hard to convert your leads to customers through inbound marketing. Now, you need to turn your customers into evangelists.

Service Hub gives marketers the tools needed to empower customers, turning them into loyal promoters of your brand. It closes the loop on your buyer's journey, providing deeper insights, more meaningful interactions and building stronger relationships.

Meet the customer's evolving expectations by providing multiple channels for communication, all in one universal inbox. Improve response time, include resources for self-service, and put the 'human' back into customer service. 

This webinar will cover: 

  • What is Service Hub?
  • Key Service Hub features:
    • Conversations: Engage with your customers in real time
    • Knowledge Base: guide customers to find answers to frequently asked questions
    • Tickets: meet customers' expectations
    • Feedback: grow your customers into promoters
  • Using Service Hub effectively to delight customers.

This is a recording of a live webinar from October 24, 2018. Register with the form on the right to view the webinar!